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Information is the lifeblood of your business. The ability to quickly locate and use information determines, in part, your productivity and degree of success. The information we use today comes in many forms: faxes, e-mail, PC files, disparate databases, digital images, and of course, paper documents. This creates a real challenge for those responsible for managing the documents used by an organization. Employees need quick access to all information relevant to their tasks, regardless of how it is stored on.

Smead software solutions provide a single records management system that accommodate all forms of documents and makes them accessible to users through a single easy-to-use interface. Seamless integration of document types lets users find information quickly, often without even knowing what medium is used to store the document.

BRC Harris is an authorized Smead Solutions Partner (SSP). As the only SSP in Colorado, BRC Harris is uniquely authorized to sell, install, implement, service and support the entire family of Smead Software solutions.

Integrated Document and
Records Management


• Improve business processes
• Eliminate workgroup down time
• Speed collaborative tasks
• Automate workflow processes
• Improve information access
• Report on workgroup activity
• Improve file room performance
• Monitor system activity
• Reduce legal risk

Smeadlink Express gives you complete control over all the documents, both paper and electronic, used throughout an organization. Bringing together document and records management, Smeadlink Express offers a complete package to manage the document life cycle using best business practices.

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Paper Files and Material Tracking


• Improve file room efficiency
• Eliminate missing records
• Track file locations and usage
• Automate file requests
• Improve information access
• Reduce legal risk

Smeadlink Express File Room puts an end to missing files. It enables records managers to greatly improve service to internal customers by providing instant access to file locations, usage, status, and user requests.

Bar code technology allows automated file tracking and quick, accurate data entry.

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Document Imaging


• Greatly speeds access to documents
• Provides instant access to vast numbers of records
• Eliminate unnecessary paper
• Reduce copying, faxing and paper distribution costs
• Eliminate misfiled documents

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Smeadlink Document Imaging eliminates the use of paper by capturing digital images of documents. This brings a completely new perspective to streamlining business processes. Simultaneous multi-user access to documents creates an environment for superior customer service and document processing.

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Filing System Design and Printing


• Manage large filing systems with less labor
• Virtually eliminate misfiled documents
• Integrate precisely with your current filing system with exact visual and color match
• Create a new filing system tailored to exact needs


Design and Print File Labels and Folders On-Demand with Your PC and Color Printer.

ColorBar is a label design and printing application that helps maximize the efficiency of your paper filing system. Quickly and easily create labels and folders that include file headings, color-coded indexing, bar codes, text, images and graphics.

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Label Printing


• Reduce time spent on labeling folders
• Automatically generate bar codes for electronic tracking for even greater time savings
• Works with virtually all inkjet printers, saving add-on costs


Now you can have the efficiencies of a color-coded shelf filing system without having to apply multiple labels to your folders. ClickStrip software is a perfect way for small offices and clinics to enjoy the benefits of high-density filing with minimal labor and cost.

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