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Binding is probably the most common finishing operation. Some binding operations, such as bookletmaking, perfect binding and tape binding, require no punching. Most other binding methods first require paper to be punched, then bound. With so many binding methods available, the question always raised is which method to use.

  • Stitched Booklets is a simple operation and is relatively inexpensive. It can be used for up to about 200 pages, but is most common for 100 pages or less. The advantage is a low cost of production, but booklets are page-limited and they become generally unattractive when they become thicker.
  • Perfect Binding also has a relatively low cost in terms of binding materials, as the binding material is simply glue. However, the cost of equipment for perfect binding can be higher. The advantage of perfect binding is that the page count can be 1000 or more and the finished book is attractive on both a desk or shelf.
  • Tape Binding is similar in appearance and attributes to perfect binding. It has a somewhat higher material cost but generally a lower cost for equipment. The page count limit and attractiveness of the finished product is nearly identical to perfect binding.
  • Coil, Comb and Wire Binding are three similar binding methods in that they first require punched paper and then a mechanical binding piece. In the case of Coil binding, the binding piece is a plastic coil, for Comb binding, it is a plastic 'comb', which is also called a 'GBC comb', and for Wire binding, it is a double loop wire that is closed onto the book.
  • A mechanical Paper Punch is required for all of the three binding methods just above. Punches can be manually operated or electrically operated and can be highly automated or not. Punch equipment cost can range from a hundred dollars or less up to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Custom Hard Cover Book Binding is becoming more and more popular. The two step process consists of the hard cover production, or case-making, and the binding process through either a perfect-binding and/or stitching operation.
  • Other Binding Methods such as plastic strip binding (aka Velobind) and three-hole are becoming less popular, but still have their places in the legal and education markets.
  • BRC Harris is a full service supplier of Binding Supplies for all binding methods above.

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  • BRC Harris is a supplier for ALL binding materials, including:
  • Plastic Coils, Metail Wire O, Plastic Combs, Tape Binding, Perfect Bind Glue, Staples, Stitching Wire, VeloBind Strips
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