Lamination enhances all finished work by protecting the ink or toner from scratching, making the piece waterproof and making the colors 'pop'. It is a very high value added finishing step that adds tremendous durability as well.

BRC Harris sells and services a broad range of folding equipment suitable for any type of printedwork at any volume.

  • Pouch Laminators are perfect for low volume, 'on-demand' laminating. Pouch laminating typically is limited to smaller pieces under 20" wide.
  • Roll Laminators are for higher volume and/or wide format laminating. The material cost for roll laminating, especially heat activated laminate, is typically a small fraction of the cost for a pouch laminator. Of course, the initial equipment cost is higher than pouch laminators. Roll laminators are typically 15" wide and above and can be either tabletop or free standing.
  • Automated Laminating machines are relatively new on the finishing scene. With auto-feed and auto-trim, these machines combine the material cost and high output of a roll laminator with a very low labor cost... even less than a pouch laminator.
  • BRC Harris is a full-service supplier of both Roll Laminate and Laminating Pouches.
  • When do I use Hot versus Cold Lamination?

Pouch Laminators

Roll Laminators

Automatic Laminating Machines

  • BRC Harris Features Automatic Laminating Machines by:
  • Dry-Lam

Laminating Supplies

  • BRC Harris is a supplier for a very broad range of laminating materials, including:
  • Hot and Cold Roll Laminate, Nylon Laminate, Standard size pouches and Odd-Size pouches.
  • Contact us for more information or to order supplies.


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