Paper Folding Machines

Paper folding machines are one of the most frequent additions to any office, copy center or bindery. These machines automate a very tedious and labor-intensive process...folding paper.

BRC Harris sells and services a very broad range of folding equipment suitable for any type printed work at any volume.

  • Table-top friction-feed folders are perfect for basic folding done in the typical office environment as well as self-service copy centers or smaller on-demand print shops.
  • Table-top air-feed folders should be chosen for low-to-medium volumes printed on coated and/or heavier paper.
  • Floor model air-feed folders are the right choice for medium-to-high volume folding in larger in-plant and commercial shops.
  • Knife folders find application in specialized multi-page cross-folding jobs.

Friction-Feed Folders

Tabletop Air-Feed Folders

Floor Model Air-Feed Folders

  • BRC Harris Features Floor Model Air-Feed Folders by:
  • Baum Folder

Knife Folders


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