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The growth of digital color printing has created tremendous new capabilities for short-run, on-demand and variable-data production. It has also made toner cracking a popular problem for folded items such as greeting cards, brochures, booklets and menus. As the only authorized dealer in the Rocky Mountains for Morgana Systems and Duplo USA, BRC Harris is uniquely able to provide solutions for virtually all creasing and scoring needs.

Most automated creasing machines have the added capability to perform roll-scoring and perforating at the same time. When creasing is discussed, therefore, it is common to also discuss the scoring and perforating capabilities of the same machine. In addition, many air-feed folding machines too have roll-scoring and perforating capabilities.

A new class of finishing machine that combines both high-quality creasing and folding in a single-pass has been pioneered by Morgana Systems. These machines offer tremendous productivity benefits to digital color production designed to be folded.

Perhaps even more amazing and productivity-improving are a second new class of finishing machine introduced by Duplo USA that can slit, cut, crease, perforate and/or roll-score in a single-pass through the machine. The DC-615 and DC-645 are truly the ultimate finishing machines available today.

Numbering is a specialized function that is generally performed by medium-to-high speed machines dedicated to that function.

Creasing Machines With Scoring and Perforating Capability

  • BRC Harris Features Creasing Machines from Manual to High-Speed by:
  • Morgana Systems

Creasing and Folding Machines

Slit-Cut-Crease Finishers

  • BRC Harris Features the ultimate in finishing machines from:
  • Duplo USA

Numbering Machines

Tabletop Scoring and Perforating


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