Print Finishing and Paper Processing

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For more than 20 years, BRC Harris has been a leading source for new and used paper finishing equipment and service in the Rocky Mountains.  Our print finishing experts offer advanced technologies and free consultative advice to achieve the edge needed in today’s competitive environment. With resources at our fingertips, we help our customers find the right solutions for their print finishing needs.

Complete Print Finishing Equipment

BRC Harris sells and services paper cutters and trimmers (including multifunctional slitter/cutter/creasers), UV coaters, paper drills, paper folding equipment, collators, binding equipment, creasers, laminators and bookletmakers with all kinds of attachments. Find everything you need, including collators; joggers; envelope inserters; bursters and decollators; shredders; disintegrators; paper cutters, trimmers and drills; punches; binding equipment; slitting, perforating, scoring, numbering machines; laminators; staplers and stitchers; document and check signers; and complete mail handling equipment and workstations.

Service you can count on.

We offer complete service on everything we sell. Whether it is warranty work, repair service, preventive maintenance, installation or equipment moves, we can handle it. To invite a BRC Harris print finishing expert to visit or talk about products and / or services, e-mail us or send this form today.

Folding Equipment

Folding Equipment Machine



Collators for Desktops
  • Desktop and Floor Models
  • Multi-Tower
  • Air Feed
  • Friction Feed


Bookletmaking Systems

UV Roller Coaters


Punching & Binding Equipment

  • Perfect Binders (Low to High Volume)
    Tape Binding
  • Spiral and Wire Binding
  • Comb Binding
  • Paper Punches (Low to High Volume)
  • Hard-cover bookmaking
  • More About Punching & Binding


Creasing, Scoring, Numbering, Perforating


Paper Cutters and Slitters

  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Manual
  • Electronic Controls
  • Up to 45" Machines
  • Business Card Slitters



  • Roll Laminators and Pouch Laminators
  • NEW Automatic Feed and Trim
  • Hot and Cold Laminators
  • More about Laminators


Single-Pass Document Finishing

  • Slit, Cut, Crease and Perforate in a Single Pass. The Ultimate Finishing machine available today.
  • View Demonstration Video

Paper Drills

  • One, Two and Three Holes
  • Single and Multi-Head
  • Manual
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic


Other Finishing Equipment

  • Joggers
  • Padding Presses
  • Stack Wagons
  • Banding Units


Bursters & Decollators

  • Table Top Models
  • Floor Models
  • All Sizes & Speeds
  • Multi-part Forms
  • Tractor Feeds
  • Center Slitters
  • Trimmers

Document/Check Signers

Computer Driven
Cut Sheet
Continuous Form
Security Control


Equipment Services

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